Everybody is building ships and boats (2)

The little Indian town of Mandvi in the state of Gujarat at the border to Pakistan supplies the ports around the Arabian Sea with wooden boats. In the time of 20.000 unit container ships these old fashioned boats are an anachronism. The hulk of the ships is built from thick beams, mechanical tools do not go much further than electric drilling machines or chain saws and security measures are non-existent. Visitors are welcome and free to climb around in the construction sites. During a chat with one of the owners of the shipyard I even was offered tea from the tea wallah.

Overview of the shipyard
The skeleton is finished and the outside is covered with thick boards
Inside the hulk is stabilized by wooden beams
An additional heavy wooden beam is added to the skeleton.
Better to take off the slippers to avoid to get them damaged
A little gap is left until the boat is finished to let workers in and out
A boat is painted and finished. The sailors move in and wait for a high tide to depart

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  1. Wow, eine tolle Serie! (Und die Werften und Abwrackbetriebe in Gujarat sind auf meiner Liste auch schon länger ganz oben auf meiner Wunschliste!)
    Nachtgruß aus Hammurch!

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