Collage 04

Collage A Day in Yosemite 04

As predicted, at 9:00 AM it started to snow. First it was a mixture of rain and snow and then just snow. I thought on the right hand side I can show the progression of snowfall. I added two images today because there are 11 images in this template and 10 working days during our two weeks period.

Enjoy the images and keep on photographing!

Collage 02

Collage A Day in Yosemite 02

After the early morning shot I drove into Yosemite Valley and photographed at the Merced River. The storm was supposed to arrive at about 9:00 AM which gave me some time to photograph the area before the snowfall. Acutually I was wondering if there would be any snow because my car thermometer showed 33-34 degrees Fahrenheit (0.5-1 grad Celsius).

Enjoy and keep on creating great images!


Template Square middle

I created this template. I challenge you to go to an event or a park, farm business etc and photograph there for a day. Then organize all your images using this template.

Collage A Day in Yosemite 01

I photographed a day in Yosemite National Park. I picked a day where a snow storm was supposed to move through. I started real early in the morning at “Tunnel View.” Here is my first image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!