Giethoorn is called the Venice of the Netherlands. If so, it is a very rural Venice. Old Farmhouses line the canal, which serves as Main street. Most are used as accomodation for tourists. In summer the canals are filled with excursion boats and the foot paths with lightly dressed tourists. In winter everything is closed. The local band “de flagellanten” play in the last pub which stays open, and the only open hotel has plenty of space. On a nice November day this is the time to come here.

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  1. Helmut, eine (nicht ganz ernst gemeinte) Bitte: NICHT mehr soviele Fotos aus den Niederlanden! Das macht mich doch sehr sentimental (ich hatte mal ganz ernsthaft erwogen, meine Wohnstätte an einen holländischen Liegeplatz schleppen zu lassen…) – Nachtgruß/Peter

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