Digital Black and White 01

Welcome back and Happy New Year everybody!

I would like to start the new year with some digital black and white image. If you would like to participate and own a DSLR or system camera, please change the setting of your camera to RAW and JPG, meaning that the camera will record two images when you press the shutter. The RAW file will be in color and the JPG file in black and white. The advantage is that your screen in the back will change to black and white or better monochromatic. Now I ask you to photograph whatever you like. Notice how your view begins to change just by switching the screen to monochromatic! You will see more structure, tonalities and contrast and that is the point of this exercise! Enjoy!

Digital Black and White 01


I started this exercise in my backyard. There were still some leaves on my fence and I photographed them using a prime 50mm lens. Can you imagine this image in color? What would be different in a color version?

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


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