Long-Billed Dowitcher (I think)

I met my BFF and photo buddy Val and her granddaughter , an aspiring photographer and quite good, at the Merced Wildlife Refuge based on a rumor that the Sandhill Cranes had arrived. And although there were some, the only ones I saw were in the air. It is still a little early for most migrations. They have just started flooding the fields so the populations of egrets and other water fowl will grow in the coming weeks. There were a few egrets, and I also saw one Blue Heron. But there was a large flock of these little guys. While easy to photograph, it is difficult to catch them with their heads out of the water. I lucked out in this picture. This is the only picture out of probably 3 or 4 hundred frames where a couple of them had their heads out of the water. And I also loved the little sunflowers behind them. Stay healthy and God Bless.

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