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I post very few typical photos of tourist hotspots. But Halong Bay in Vietnam is just a magical place. In the sunshine, in the rain, in the mist, day and night. Magical. (Photos of my last visit 2019)

My first night there in 2015 is still very present in my mind. The Christmas party was over, I had supplied myself sufficiently with beer from a passing merchant and I sat on my balcony (what luxury) for many hours of the night, listening to the waves and the sounds of the parties on the other boats – until it became completely quiet. One of my most beautiful nights of my life (Sorry Anna, Beate, Christa, Dorothea, Emma, Frieda, Giselleā€¦. Xantippe!).

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    1. Thank you very much, Wolfgang. I try my best. Let’s see where this journey will go in the course of the year. Greetings from Hamburg/Peter

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